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We are supplying a broad spectrum of Acid to our valuable clients. These are used in manufacturing, chemical, automobile, agricultural, pharmaceutical and many other industries. They have long serving life and are reliable.
Magnesium Sulphate
For preventing and curing low blood magnesium in the human body, Magnesium Sulphate is offered by us. It has a molecular formula MgSO4.7H2O and is in the form of white crystal powder.
Industrial Chemicals
We are here to provide our customers a vast array of supreme quality Industrial Chemicals. These are extensively used in the production of various products such as dyes, plastics, fertilizers and others.
Water Treatment Chemicals
We are introducing a wide range of ETP Chemicals. These are used in waste water treatment plants and help in removing solid and toxic waste from the industrial waste water.
Pine Oil Compound

Pine Oil Compound may be used for sanitation, and when water and scents are added, it can be used for general cleaning and housekeeping. This compound cleans and deodorizes at the same time. A potent natural disinfectant that kills harmful bacteria.

Textile Chemicals
This array of Textile Chemicals is used for maintaining smoothness of fabric, for bleaching and also for removing stain marks from textile materials. Free from toxic content, this range of chemicals can be stored for specific period.
Light Soda

Light Soda is a white, alkaline granular substance. It's low-density soda ash that's used in a variety of industries as a crucial ingredient. This soda is used in washing detergents and soaps to improve their cleaning abilities. This is very effective and safe to use.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate is a salt that dissolves in water to produce sodium and bicarbonate. A solution becomes alkaline as a result of this breakdown, allowing it to neutralize the acid. As a result, this chemical is frequently used to treat illnesses like heartburn that are caused by increased acidity in the body.